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Future Productions

Help PCT pick its next season's shows

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Director's Submissions

PCT will now accept applications on a rolling basis and all year long so submit when you have an idea to be considered for the next season.
Use the Play Selection Form for each play you'd like to submit!

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Season Show Plan

We have 5 slots in each season and keep to a pretty common formula but we also sometimes consider other styles for these slots.

Slot 1: Summer Musical (Late July early Aug.) Please see #3 under what to submit if submitting for this slot.
Slot 2: Drama/Mystery (October) Sometimes we do put a comedy in this slot also.
Slot 3: Holiday Piece or Comedy: (December)
Slot 4: Musical (Late Feb. early March) often a smaller musical or lesser known, not required.
Slot 5: Comedy (Late April early May)

See our Past and Current productions to see how we've implemented this plan.

Submission Requirements

What to submit:

1. Please submit an individual form for every submission even if it is the same slot.
2. Please email each submission as a separate attachment.

Email Play Selection Form to

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Planning Resources

Here are stage Plans (Two Different Versions) to help plan your approach to a set. Note that wing space is practically non-existent so novel approaches must be used.

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Peninsula Community Theatre

Updated August 19, 2018